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simsinpoverty's Journal

Sims 2 Poverty Challenges
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The Sims 2 Poverty Challenges: Fun for you, not so much for your sims.


This is a brand new community so please participate and spread the word!
The purpose of the community is for people to share all kinds of poverty and money related sims 2 challenges!

Some challenges...
The Poverty Challenge (More Detailed)
The Starving Artist Challenge
Rags to Riches Challenge
The Pure Entrepeneur Challenge
All About The Simoleans Challenge
The Poor Bartender Challenge
Ghetto Superstar Challenge
Frontier Farming

If you know of any other challenges,
feel free to post your entry and link the rules and I'll add them here.
Or if you invent a challenge, I'll try to put it up here as well. :)

- Please no more than one picture outside a cut -
- Please no pictures larger than 600x450 outside a cut -
- Feel free to post as often as you'd like but only post once per update -
- Play nice! -