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I found a nice surprise...

I have a desk built in to my kitchen and that is where my computer sits.  It also has a double cabinet above it that is (was) stuffed FULL of all things computer-related from all my boxed Sims games to old farm paperwork, to oodles of writable CD's to stuff I have no clue what it is.  *blushes*   Anyway, today I got a bee in my bonnet about cleaning that out, and I went through all the writable CD's that were in there to see what was on them...

Guess what I found? 

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Dec. 18th, 2008

hello everyone! i'm new to challenges and just found this community, so i thought i would share a challenge that i've enjoyed so far. :)

sims2.com has a great challenge called nickel and dimed where you play a low income mother raising 2 children. there's lots of restrictions to mirror life as close as the sims allows, so its very difficult and very fun.


Survival 101 ~ Pt 3

So um. Yeah. My poverty family is very much alive, have an update! =) And this picspam is actually HUEG. As in, almost 50 pictures. I´m sorry, but this is the first challenge I successfully play, and I´m ridiculously in love with this family. I GOT CARRIED AWAY OKAY DX

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It´s aliiiive ~

Hi! Thanks to the great tips and encouragement I got from other poverty writers (thanks, you all!), I decided to gather some courage and let Mafalda ROCK ON, since she´d so fabulously made it through winter already. So here´s a small update where ... things improve, though not by much. =)

Hi, I´m a fake cut!

Survival 101 ~

Hi! ^^

I wanted to share my first attempt at the poverty challenge. Well, not technically the first. I´ve been fascinated with this challenge for a long time and wasted about 4 Teen Sims trying to get anywhere with them - and I´m still extremely bad at it. XD Anyhow, this is my fifth shot and I got more out of it than the previous times. So click the image if you´d like to see. Oh, and any and all survival tips are much appreciated!

Please disregard the explanatory commentary. I did that for my non-simming friends so they´d know what´s going on. ^^*

Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

The last time we visited the Less family, Dream revealed her plan to steal Heart's baby and pass it off as Eric's in order to trap him. Dream insisted Heart break things off with Eric, saying she would reveal the family's secrets if she didn't, but instead, Heart told Eric the entire truth about her family and her mother's incestuous relationship. She also told him of Dream's plan to take their baby. Dream overheard, and threatened both Heart and Eric with a pistol. Eric was able to tackle Dream and restrain her on the floor, which resulted in the gun being fired and Dream being killed.

Warnings: references to violence

Let's go for another visit

Poverty Challenge: the Less Family

Previously with the Less family, Dream revealed her plan to steal Heart’s baby and pretend she, Dream, was the mother in order to trap Eric.  Dream demanded Heart break up with Eric and go along with the plan, or else Dream would reveal their parents’ incestuous relationship to Eric, thus raising doubts as to Heart’s suitability to bear his children.  Heart then decided she needed to tell Eric the truth herself in order to break her sister’s hold over her.

Warnings:  Language, violence, references to past incest

Let's see what's happening now...

The Sterlings - Part Two

Whoops! Sorry! Forgot to post!

Part two of my poverty challenge.

From Zero To Hero

Warnings for rude words and sick jokes.

Previously with the Less family, Dream had crept into bed with her sister Heart's boyfriend Eric and let him believe she was Heart in order to trick him into sleeping with her.   Eric eventually realized what was happening, but it was too late.  When Heart came home from work and found the two of them together, Dream told Heart exactly what had happened, and Heart realized Eric had been taken advantage of by Dream.  Then, having gotten what she wanted, Dream walked out, leaving Eric and Heart to pick up the pieces.

Warnings:  language, rape mentioned, allusions to past incest

Part One of Two
Part Two of Two