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Hints or tips for poverty sim n00bs?

All right, I'm at a complete loss, so this seemed like the best place to ask.

I just started a poverty challenge, but I have no idea how to keep my sim from starving to death. Does anyone have any hints or tips? I haven't been able to track any down on google.

Jan. 8th, 2009

HELP! Can any one help me? I'm trying to make a post for the legacy i've been working on, and i CANT. FIGURE. IT. OUT! I have been killing my dad's computer trying to figure it out, but i cant find ANYTHING! all i really want to know is how the heck do i go to the point the lj tab reaches, put the pictures and what I think is witty commentary that actually isn't there, and not blow up my dad's computer. i'd ask him and not waste uyyour time, but he's in Wisconsin until next week for annual training since he's going to Iraq in August! I think to do the little tabby thingy i just click the button that says "Live Journal Cut" and it makes the link. The problem with that though is that THE ENTIRE THING IS THEN THE LJ CUT! If  i try this any mor ei am gonna blow up the computer; please help me! :*[

Poverty Challenge: Fairchild 2.1

Warning: Some 'strong' language

Fairchild 2.1

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Poverty Challenge

Sorry it has been so long. I am so bad about remaining interested in the legacy challenges. So I'm trying this shorter challenge. It is so fun! I heart it! Please let me know what you think!!

Poverty Challenge: Fairchild Prologue